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How to jump start a car

It is a common scenario to have a dead battery while turning on the vehicle. Some individuals may be puzzled on what to do while others are expert in jump starting their car. If you are one of those people who are unfortunate enough to start a vehicle, try these simple tips. With the help of your friends and some jumper cables, you will able to jump start the vehicle and go wherever you want to go.

  • Get a running car and jumper cables. Ask your friend or a family member to help you jumpstart your vehicle by getting a running car and a functional jumper cables. The vehicle should be parked opposite to one another, with a few spaces in between. Before starting the process, both of the vehicles should be turned off.

  • Put on a safety glass and gloves. If you are not doing the jumpstart process, make sure that the person using the cable will wear protective gears like safety glass and safety gloves. Huge amount of electricity is carried by a car’s battery and this is quite dangerous. So ensure to be safe in handling the equipment.
  • Locate the vehicle battery and its terminal posts. Open the hood of the two vehicles and locate its batteries. The battery is often a large rectangle located in the front right or left of the car’s hood. Locate the two posts on it; a positive and a negative post, and remove any covers over it.
  • Put on the jumper cables properly. The jumper cable can be positive and negative. Do not let any of these clamps touch one another. Once ready, connect the positive clamp and the dead battery’s positive post. At the same way, connect the positive clamp and the working battery’s positive post. If secured, attach both of the working battery’s negative clamps and post together. Then connect the other negative clamp to an unpainted metal of the engine having a dead battery, ensuring that it is distant from the battery or moving parts.
  • Turn the car on. Turn the ignition of the working car and start its engine. On the other hand, turn the car having a dead battery. If it turns on, push its gas pedal to ensure that the battery has enough energy to turn on once more.
  • Remove the cables. As soon as the car starts, carefully remove the jumpstart cables in opposite order and leave the vehicle running for 20 minutes.

Take note that jumpstarting a vehicle is very dangerous. If you or any of your friends is unsure of jumpstarting the car, then call a professional help from Terry’s Auto Repair and Towing, Concord. This company has 24/7 services of roadside assistance and towing plus they have expert auto mechanics with them. They are also geared with the right equipments and tools to ensure safety of your vehicle and the people around.