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Client Testimonials

“It’s been said before that I am pretty difficult to impress when it comes to things like emergency towing and roadside assistance. That’s probably because I am a retired mechanic with over 40 years in the trade. So to say I know a thing or two about vehicles is probably about right!  Having said all of this, I have been nothing but impressed with the expertise, professionalism and good nature of the boys at Terry’s Auto Repair & Towing in Concord. They are a real credit to the industry and should be very proud of themselves.” Ron Smith-Perry

“It wasn’t so much having my keys locked in the car that bothered me; it was more than my puppy, Bonnie, was locked inside with the windows closed on a hot day! I was very worried and I immediately called Terry to ask him to send an emergency auto locksmith to me. He very helpfully advised me stay calm and talk to Bonnie in a calm voice before the locksmith arrived and assured me it wouldn’t be long. He was right – in less than 30 minutes a very nice man came to unlock my car and release a very relieves Bonnie. He even gave her some water to drink! Thank you so much!” Amanda Seager

“Quite simply, the best in Concord. I work for a large car showroom and we always recommend Terry’s Auto Repair & Towing to all of our customers when they have bought a new car from us. There really isn’t another auto repair and towing company in Concord who can top this outfit. Outstanding!” Vincent Hong

“I was so surprised when I found myself driving back from the wine country after a long weekend away with my wife to find that the battery had completely died. We had just hit the outskirts of Concord, so I called Terry’s Auto Repair & Towing who provided the most prompt, professional and well-priced replacement battery service I have ever received!” George Antonius