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Towing & Lockout Insurance Coverage

If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your vehicle, you’ll certainly be glad you had lockout insurance coverage. Lockout coverage allows your insurance provider to notify an emergency auto locksmith to come to your location. As a vehicle owner, it’s absolutely essential to have this type of coverage. You never know when you might be stuck in a locked out scenario, and you might not have time to comb through the Yellow Pages to search for a reliable locksmith company. Your insurance company is in contact with excellent auto locksmiths and emergency roadside assistance services. They will be able to assist you if you should ever get locked out of your vehicle.

You’ll also need the assistance of your insurance company to cover certain things. You will most likely be liable to pay out of pocket expenses for parts, replacement keys, labor, towing equipment, storage fees or any labor performed at a garage or service facility. Coverage is intended to protect you against emergency situations. You will be able to choose a professional auto locksmith company through your insurance provider, and might be eligible for a nice discount. Your insurance plan can actually cover up to $50 per incident, but this figure varies on insurance provider. The most important thing is that you carefully select a good towing and lockout insurance plan. Nobody can predict what can happen on the road, but you can certainly be prepared for it with a good insurance plan. You should also make it a priority to store the number of your insurance provider inside your mobile phone.

At Terry’s Auto Repair & Towing, we work 24/7, ‘round the clock to ensure that you’re always well taken care of on the road. We work with a host of insurance companies, and we can help you file a claim as well. We are an honest and friendly company with many years of experience behind us. We have reliable technicians spread throughout the Concord area that are on call 24 hours a day. You can bring your car into our body shop for a full inspection anytime. We offer the most competitive prices and provide you with the best quality services at all times. Give us a call today, and find out why we’re the chosen locksmith and auto body company out there!